Thursday, 27 August 2009

Vegas BABY!!

No rest for the wicked as you all know hah, Wedensday morning I rose at 5.30am, not much sleep under the belt, but I had to work off some of the junk I had eaten/going to eat. Headed down the the hotel's gym at 6am where there was already a queue forming. They were all over 60, good for them I say.
Showed reception my room key and signed a waiver form just in case I injured myself. Started with a 20min warmup on the exercise bike and then did lots of weights for 1.5 hrs.
Finished off doing intervals on the bike, 30secs sprint/30secs rest for 30 mins. Good workout and was knackered at the end of the intervals. Knee doesn't feel too great, a little niggly so might give it a couple of days before I go back. Going to the pool for some r&r. Typing this using free WIFI at my favourite place....Krispy Kreme hmmmmm DOUNGHNUTS!

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