Sunday, 2 August 2009

Errrr indoors.

Due to the dreadful weather I have been forced to do most of my training indoors.


at Middleton Arena at 6.45pm and was going to see how the weather panned out as it was running day with Middleton Harriers. Guess what? It was raining and couldn't be bothered to run today so I went into the gym. Warmed up with 15 mins on the cross trainer and a few weights then did 2 sessions of spinning. Both the sessions were identical and concentrated on 'hills' / hard but slow resistance training. Warm up was pedalling but increasing resistance every 1 minute then hardest resistance going down to lowest and back up to hardest for 15 mins. More slow hard pedalling continued and repeated.
Went into swimming pool afterwards and swam just 1.5km as the lazy gits didn't put lane ropes out/ was full of kids and I was getting dizzy with all the waves.


Plan was to do quite a lot today and boy did that happen! Once again got to the Arena early and thought I'd do some strength training in the gym before circuit training. This turned out to be the worst thing I could have done as I was expecting an easy circuit. So lots of Iron pumped and a 10 mile sprint on the exercise bike 22.46 mins (wish I could do that on a 10 mile TT) later it was time to go upstairs and do circuit training.
The usual guy, Andre, wasn't there but some skinny, older looking woman called Sonia. Instead of rotating stations we were doing all the exercises in one spot so we had to get our own step, mat, dumb bells and bar weights. Star jumps, running on spot, burpees, sit ups, way too many pressups and lots of stuff my body wasn't used to then lots of weight work. I had the same weight as the instructor and she was out pumping me! oh dear. This was absolutely killing me and I kept looking at the clock to see how long we had to go. People were dropping like flies but I managed to finish, just, with quite a lot of resting. It certainly wasn't for beginners.
Swimming with the Tri club was out of the question, my arms were killing. I went down anyway to see the guys and gals. The new kit looked lovely and was told I had to order the stuff from Surosa in Oldham.
Went back upstairs for more gruelling punishment as Sonia was doing the spinning session too. Was just as hard as the circuit training but I felt I had actually done something and had been pushed to the limit.


Rest days


I was considering doing the SKY Ride in Manchester and watching the Iron Man UK chamionships in Bolton so set my alarm for 5 am. I had barely had any sleep all week so turned the alarm off and woke up at 1pm! Went to gym at 2pm and did the bike for 30 mins. I felt like crap. Thursday must have really took it out on me, combined with the lack of recovery sleep. I attemped to do some weights so I started really low. 30kg for the 'sit up ' machine. I couldn't move it. Usually do 55kg. Then tried chest press at 40kg usually start off at 60kg and I just gave up and went home. Not a good day. Also not happy that I haven't ridden my bikes for a couple of weeks. I will ride to work 2moz if the weather holds!

Weight 71.6kgs

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