Sunday, 30 January 2011

Body Collapsed

Climbing out of Manchester, towards Bury and Haslingdon was great, fast and into a head wind although I encountered every single traffic light on RED! As soon as I hit Rawtenstall thts when it all started to go wrong, a vicious circle. It was very cold exacerbated by the head wind (NE). My body did not like this one little bit, the sweat had made it worse and you can see my heart rate plummet. Heart rate struggled to get over 120 so I couldn't get my body warm, core temperature must have been very low, which in turn stopped my heart rate rising. Tail wind for the last part but couldn't do anything with it, just went with the flow and floated home unable to pedal.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Behind the times

Got a Garmin 500! Miles behind most of you lot who got Garmins years ago. No idea why I never had one. Just some stats from todays commute. COOOOOOlllllllllllDDDD! THe time if the commute is correct! and its the day after I did a muscle spasming 8km run, the first for months. Felt terrible.

TO work

Home ( bleedin' windy)