Friday, 14 August 2009

Shattered :(


Circuit training was the usual stuff now Andre was back so it was fairly easy as he doesn't really push you. Did that for 50 mins then I went into the pool with Rochdale Tri club. As soon as I got in the water I knew I was going to be introuble. Warmup was worst as it was longer than 2 lengths, had to do 8 x100m 15 secs rest. Main set was 8x50s 15secs rest, 6x50's 10 secs rest, 4 x50's 5 secs rest, 2x50s standup rest, 1x50. Finished with 600m warm down. I couldn't feel my arms or legs and I had no energy. Didn't look good for the week ahead.


Pete and I decided to do a quick trip to Edenfield up some nice climbs to some scenery details are in the link below. That was about 24 miles then after a massive lunch of 2 spuds, 2 smoked cod fillets and beans I went out to blackstone edge and back. I had no energy once again and had to plough my way through the terrible headwind on the way back from Blackstone. Thought I was doing the Blackpool ride again. Not too sure on the details but I will put down a guesstimate. This was more like my recovery ride that I needed last week. Hopefully its done the job its supposed to. Went out with 'Vanquish' and she didn't feel right. Possibly because my whole body was aching before I even stepped out of the door. Nothing major to report. Was hoping to see some cyclists but didn't see a single one.

Distance 60miles

Time 4hrs?
Average about 16mph possible a little less but not more.

Good news is that when I got home my neighbour kindly took a couple of parcels for me. My new helmet and bib shorts. I love red and white!


Planned to do open water at the re and bike up but I was really bad with my muscles today so just gorged on junk food.

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