Saturday, 8 August 2009

Play, work & rest


Just a quick ride round the block is all I had time for today before I headed off to work. Was nice so took 'Jamis' for a spin. Tried to set her up just like 'Vanquish'. Toddled off past Castleton, up Roch valley way and then Bury somet or other road and a very steep descent down Queens park road and a very steep ascent up it. That road is virtually a 'U' shape that passes Queens park and I managed to get to the top not getting under 20mph, ouch it hurt though and it was towards the end of my ride. Then it was through Heywood and back home. I used the session to concentrate on my average speed so took it easier on the downhill bits and hammered the uphill bits. I used my Middleton Cycling club jersey which despite being long sleeved dissipates sweat very quickly and keeps me nice and dry and refreshed in the warm weather. Much more than any short sleeved tops I have. Bike setup didn't feel right again!! Left knee felt it wasn't stretching enough and thighs too. Seat needed to be higher, also I used my race shoes instead of my mtb like I did on 'vanquish' and they seem to give a worse position on the pedal. Next time I need to raise the seat and use my mtb shoes. Although I averaged over 18mph I did hit it quite hard and felt my energy was being wasted. Im leaning towards 'Vanquish' as my fave bike at the mo bargain at £250+ upgrades.

Not much rest between now and the track day at the Velodrome tomorrow, Ill also be swimming at the reservoir too. Not raced at the Velodrome before but have attended quite a few 'taster'sessions. I think the sprint nature (200m, 1km, 2km) will suit me better than endurance and hoping to do well. Sticking my neck prediction is that Ill beat 'Pantani' at 200m and 1km ( by quite a margin :)) possibly lose out on 2km as my huge legs wont take the lactate very well that I produced earlier. I'm going to try and beat him at all three though!!!!

Distance 13 miles
Time 41 ish minutes
Average Sp 18.2mph

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