Saturday, 8 August 2009

Track -ur - day


Woke up way too early, had a bad nights sleep and had to hit the road at 8.30am to go to Cown reservoir. Some one leant me a wetsuit as the one I ordered, came, went back and didn't arrive again as they didn't have the right size. Took the car today. Sprinted round the res as the guy who leant me the suit also leant his other one out so needed mine to get in the water. Half an hour felt like a marathon session and it feels longer than it actually is. Was my second time doing an open water swim. Enjoyed it very much as the sun was out for a change. There always seems to be a dark shadow lurking to the right of me as if a shark is stalking its prey. Ughhg.

Thought I'd have a quick sprint on the bike to try out my new saddle ( purely cosmetic reasons) for 'Jamis' and to try out another new seat setting. 14miles later, 45 mins about 18mph av and position still not any better so I look on a website about taking 8 different measurements like inseam, thigh length, chest height blah de blah and found most of my settings were bang on apart from seat height which was miles out on both bikes. Had it at 63 cm brom bb to saddle supposed to be 70-72. Also it recommended front of saddle to bb (bottom bracket) horizontal distance to be 0.5-1cm so seat is very forward which mine already was but apparently in time trials it is illegal as it needs to be greater than 5cm as stated in UCI regs but tiny riders may be excused :( Went quite fast and thought I might have tired myself out for the track day at the velodrome but a bag of jelly babies, can of redbull and some pro plus later I was re-energised. Simple sugars are supposed to be good for replenishing 'energy' quickly but can be bad if eaten too much as if the energy isn't used quickly goes straight to fat. I meant to eat some cereal too, I put he milk in the freezer but forgot about it so it froze :p I blame the pissing about for an hour with my look delta cleats and shimano shoes as the 'effing screws wouldn't go flush on the fittings so was very looose. I have used them at the veldrome many times before and couldn't work it out. Gave up and had to rush out dejected, in the knowledge I have to fork out £4 to hire some which coulda been spent on a new helmet I have my eye on instead of this Lidl special.

Arrived at the Velodrome very excited and raring to go, my bladder had other opinions. I had been looking forward to this for a long time. Paid the £4 for my shoes and cleats. I chose a size smaller (42) which fitted a hell of a lot better
than the shimano's I have a home. Very good shoes they were too. Before I set out I adjusted 'Vanquish's' seat post to the new height which came to my hip/pelvis bone? So on the track bike I did the same. We had a 20 min warm up session first which I used to see how long I could sprint at full pelt for before I collapsed. I did that twice and collapsed twice before one lap was up. I remember reading somewhere about sprinting all out for the 1km but that had changed my mind instantly.
I rode the warmup quite hard, got the blood pumping and the lungs gasping and wondered if I had over done it.....I can never take anything easy, I was tooo excited and nervous I guess.
First event was the 200m dash where you get 2 laps run up and then a 200m sprint to the finish. I debated with some of my enemies, um I mean competitiors the best line and height to take. I asked the Velodrome geezer but he wouldn't give the game away. I was second to last to gobut before that I had seen Paul cycle extremely smoothly and powerfully to beat 'Pantani' in a time of 15.4 seconds 0.2 ahead of 'Pantani'. So that was the time to beat!! I congratulated Paul on this amazing feat and made my way to the start line and set off for my 2 laps. I set off fairly fast, the starter reminding me I had 2 laps to go. On the last bend I climbed the banking to get a 'slingshot' down the hill but my speed had already been lost climbing the bend and I got distracted as the final lap bell never went off! Not a good start but still managed to break 15 secs. Wasn;t happy at all with that time but I know theres a lot of improvement to be made on it just by getting the right line.
Next up was the 1km. I had planned to go all out but the warm up taught me to take it easy for 2 laps out of the 4. 'Pantani' looked very good on this one. Paul had also beaten his previous years time by about 4 seconds. Had he been training on the quiet??? or was it the bike his sis had leant him??? I had a lot more rest than most in this so was expecting to do well. The start was poor as I headed into the cote d'azure after the starter had recommended to me to use my left foot to lead as it points me up the hill and not my right. Hmmm maybe I dont know better than someone whos been in the business 10000000 times longer than I have. I felt rubbish after the 2 laps so held off my sprint 'til the last lap, so 3 easy ish laps then. On finishing I was a bit breathless but knew I could have gone a lot harder sooner. 1min 31secs 'Damn' I thought as 'Pantani' beat me by 0.5secs. I think I had one eye on the 2km as I needed to save a little. The sudden, widening grin on his face meant this was WAR! I did say 'well done' to him and meant it. The score was 1-1. I arranged for the duel in the 2km pursuit as I wasn't even in the top 2 in the 1km.
We were first up, winner takes all. I had more or less just finished my 1km, I reminded everyone, was offered a different slot but I had lots of energy left from that poor show and didn't want to give my rival any excuses. I was pessimistically nervous however I gained confidence from the kind words offered by my bike holder. Left foot leading I had an adequate start and kept looking over to see the pace he was going at. I had to put a good early effort in as 'Pantani' was flying for the first 2 laps, didn't want to tire too early so just made sure I stayed within catching distance. I was hurting though. On the third lap I was surprised to see I was in front by a couple of lengths, he must have had a stinker of a lap, so just kept the same pace going for the next 4 laps. I was edging nearer and nearer and thought I might be able to actually over take but the last lap bell went and I sprinted to the finish. 'keep pedalling' was all I could keep telling myself , Anna shouted out my time when I trundled past. Just over 3 mins!! by a few tenths of a second I was hoping. Yep! So close to being under 3 mins but it didn't matter too much as 'Pantani' was beaten. I think that shows what a poor 1km I had and again there is more to come. I went over to console him hehe and then watched the others and gave our support. My predictions were a little wry but what ever the out come everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Absolutely bleedin' fantastic I would describe the night. I went to Janet, the organiser, to say what a brill job she had done in arranging the events and how she managed to get so many down was 'magic'. She has done Middleton cycling club proud tonight. I thought we wouldn't get much riding time in but there was more than enough for the money. I brought a mate from work who had previously done a taster session who also said he enjoyed himself and asked if I could inform him if it would be possible if he could 'get in on the act' again. Can't get recognition higher thatn that. All we need now are the photos that Anna had gladly taken? We all know she would rather be out there on the track.


  1. Pantani went out too fast on the 2k pursuit hence why he ended up slowing down, but it's advisable to try and not look where the opponant is as the little head movement stops you being as aerodynamic!

    Paul said my bike was better to ride than his own, so he's going to adjust the gearing to match mine.

    As for the photos, where'd you want them?

  2. Did you feel like you were missing out? I would have done. I would have also ridden whilst injured and made myself worse. Could you please send photos to where ever you think is best :) facebook or hotmail. Would like lots and lots and of the others too.. Am I too demanding? Thankyou