Monday, 3 August 2009

You spin me round ( like a record baby!!!!)

Once again my good intentions fell firmly flat on its face. I prepped my bike all ready to take to work with me, Even had my shoes, helmet, glasses and water proofs neatly placed near the front door where I had also placed my bike. I leapt up from my deep slumber at 9.50 am, the bleedin' alarm didn't go off at 8.00am. Stupid thing, it was set correctly too but I do have a tendancy to sub consciously reset it when it goes off ... so Im told. So I only had 15 or so minutes to get to work so bikey was left at home....AGAIN! Poor show I know.
Anyway, Monday is hill sprints with Middleton harriers if you remember but since I didn't finish 'til 18.50 I thought I would do some more spinning sessions at the gym.
I am hoping these sessions are doing me some good and help me improve my road cycling. I put in super effort today. I did 2 classes, 2 hours virtually the same as Wednesday last week. It probably was exactly identical. I had sweated soooo bad my clothes were absolutely drenched and honestly, it had looked like I had jumped in the swimming pool and just got out. My shorts were dripping, literally......of sweat!!!!

I weighed myself before the session - 71.2kg
I weighed myself after the session - 69.9kg (partially dehydrated and empty stomach. I did drink 1.5 litres)

Yay I have hit my target 3 weeks early!!! I had hoped to be 70kg before I fly to Vegas as I know I will balloon but there is a gym at the hotel so was planning on doing lots of weights. I do know I will be at 71+ kg 2moz as I have just drunk another 1.5litres and had a massive chicken stir fry, my huge dump might cancel that out though.


  1. Spin seasions always turn me into a soggy mess within minutes too. Yet, there's always a group of ladies sat at the back that somehow manage to walk out looking prestine.

  2. That's cos us girls take pride in our appearance :oP I think I'd end up looking a mess too in all honesty!