Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Cosmetic Surgery

Since I had got 'Jamis' all nicely set up I thought she deserved a treat. I popped into Leisure Lakes on an off chance as I have heard of it before but didn't know where it was and it was when I was returning from Bury market that I found it. Nice big shop, loadsa bikes but unfortunatley I wasn't shopping for one of them. Saw some nice red and white specialized jerseys but they were mtb ones :(, also saw specialized white gloves full finger but non in my size. Spotted a nice red and white 09 spec echelon helmet £30 which was a tenner off and also a specialized seat for £20 which was reduced too. I could have bought the lot!!! but only came away with the saddle which I was a little apprehensive at getting as wasn't sure if it would help me but it looked fab so got it. Good enough reason?
If you look at the piccy of 'Jamis' her head tube is massively sticking out so I took her to the hospital to see the surgeon. He was based at Shepherd's cycles in Heywood on Market street. I have used this guy before and he is great and fixing stuff for next to nothing. A few days ago I went to Surosa to get a quote on the same job and they asked £20. Rang Shepherd's up.......A FIVER! No contest. I have had a brake cable replaced (£3) bar tape replaced and fitted (£8) wheels trued and tightened (£8 ea) and another brake cable (£5 as it was on its own). The best thing is there isn't many people about who know about him so turnaround time was 1hr today and usually within the day unlike these big chains who will rush jobs to get all the customers in. I try never to use big chains anyway whatever I buy. Anyway I told him what I wanted and if he could do it....not a problem was his swift answer. So I went to Morrisons to do some shopping and came back to see the 'damage' . She looked as sexy as ever and the surgeon had done a great job as usual so I tipped him a fiver.


Had to take Jamis out looking as sweet as she does. Pantani had an idea of doing Slaithwaite. Don't ask me the route as I dont have a clue but Ill give very brief descriptions. Met at Middleton roundabout, the scene of my accident 4 months ago. Headed towards Shaw. Went over Shaw level crossing and up a series of very big climbs. I was told to take it easy up these as we had a lot more and worse to come. Apparently it joined Buckstones road. Headed towards Dobcross where we had a quick break for some reason? Ive noticed that Jamis was riding a hell of a lot smoother it was like a totally different machine, tires fully pumped too. Had the guy at Shepherd's worked another miracle? Went on some hilly roads past Diggle and over Standedge tunnel. Into Marsden and Slaithwaite and somewhere we went up some 25% ers. They looked like they were at 45 degrees and wow they were good climbs. They weren't that short either. Ended up on some road from Huddersfield to Oldham where I blasted away on a 3mile climb. At the top I waited 3-4 mins for the slacker and took some gels and pictures. My phone is quite good at piccys. Lots of downhill later I was home. I would love to plot the ride on map my ride but I really don't have a clue where we went. The gradient of those hills woulda been good to see as well. My hill climbing is coming on a treat and dont seem to need to put anywhere near as much effort in. Nice to see some cyclists on the tops but they were ALL travelling in the other direction ie TAILWIND. Not stupid these people but it wont help them. Very Windy.

Distance 45 miles
Time 3 hrs ish
Av 15 mph


  1. I've still got painfull memories of Slaithwaite moor, trying to pull a heavily laiden trailer over it.

    There's some rather big hills in that area!

  2. I've never been out that far, but I believe you boys ;oP

  3. Hah, It was like being on a cycling holiday, being able to forget all of lifes pressures and enjoying just cycling/views. The hills made my day! Just about starting to like going downhill but the sheep started to get in the way and Pantani tried to scare them :P

  4. 45 degrees? 25%ers...