Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Today was the day I would be cycling to work since the long layoff. Couldn't have picked a nicer morning really. Even if it had rained I would have been forced to make the journey. Got all my work gear ready, lucky I had uniform in my locker too from 4 months ago. I wonder if it had started to decompose yet. So I set off on my merry way when I saw a low loader about 1/2 mile from home with my hire firms logo on the side. There she was glistening in the sun light, my poor baby that I had trashed 4 weeks ago. Wow was it that long ago. I decided to keep on going not realising that I had the hire car's keys in my pockets, d'oh.
Down Woodstreet I overtook a MTB but I dont count them as proper overtakes and negotiating the dreaded roundabout where 'Vanquish' took a right beating. I was aching all over and had no energy so the first hill felt like Everest, magnified a few times for good measure. Traffic was relatively quiet and had a very drab uneventful journey. I had my rain mac on 'just in case' hahah and I could feel my clothes getting really soaked. 6.7 miles and just over 20 mins later I made it. Wasn't too bad but didn't have the same feel as a good ol' Sunday trek. I never seem to come across other cyclists so I can overtake them, I mean those worth overtaking. Always see them on the other side of the road though. Its getting annoying. So I reached Man Vic train station unable to lift my legs and soaking wet due to the impermeable rain coat.
I really couldn't be bothered cycling home after 9 hrs work and was going to get the train to Mills Hill but I would have to wait 20 mins so thought I could be home in that time. The sun was blazing, much lower in the sky and it made the journey very pleasant, as it gave everything a reddy/orangey hue. Overtook another MTBer on a hill, he might as well not be pedalling so no acheivment was gained here. Roads were nice and quiet at 7.30pm, on the same shift 2 moz so could be tempting to repeat this episode. Not happy with he saddle height and tilt so readjusted and see what happens. My feet dont seem flat whilst pedalling. Oh yeah and some git had nicked my cycle computer, a cheapo one from Aldi ( my own fault for leaving it on) but thats not the point. How can they use it,sell it without the receiver and magnet. I think it was Pete playing games with me but I haven't asked him yet.

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