Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Tri day today

Its been a while since I did all three disciplines on one day. After spending a gorgeous day in Blackpool I just knew I had to have a go on my bike as the weather was just puuuurrrfect. I didn't need to do anything to 'Vanquish' as she was raring to go from Monday when I got up late and couldn't take her for walkies. I had another new seat position to try out. All I did was a quick 10km+ circuit which has 2 very steep sections and 2 very big down hill sections. The position of the bike instantly felt better as just trundling down the street I hit 18mph when I usually do 16mph or less. The test would be the hills. After a gentle climb was the first big down hill. Only managed 30mph but I think the wind was blowing directly at me. I didn't try to pedal through it just got down low and made myself 'aero'
. A nice long slightly uphill straight before the first big climb followed where I hit and kept 24 mph I then give myself a little rest before the climb but felt good so just attacked it. Normally I try my hardest not to go under 11mph on this one but I was finding myself trying not to go under 13mph! which I managed. 36mph was the max reading on the immediate downhill into Rhodes and again I didn't pedal as much but kept aero. There was then a slight uphill gradient then slight downhill 20-25 mph and another uphill where I usually do 16-17mph. I was keeping it at 19mph very easily. Big climb up Wood street, 16mph went to 12 mph back to 17.2mph on a breather section for 20 seconds then the main uphill bit. Last time on 'Vanquish' I struggled big time to stay above 10mph. Whilst on 'Jamis' staying above 10mph is quite accomplishable. This time not only did I stay above 10mph I stayed above 11.6mph! This new bike position felt great but still a little achy so I'm sure there is more to come from changing it, or is it the training I have been doing?

Distance 6.99 miles
Average Speed 19.9 mph
would have been higher if I raced from the start instead of a 5 min warm up)

The bike ride finihsed at 6pm and I was running with Mid Harriers at 7pm so I quickly got my gear ready and headed to Mid Arena. Started on time for a change and thought I'd be back intime for a spin class at 8.15pm. We went through Hopwood wood, past the college, past Stake hill, along Rochdale canal to Chadderton and back to base. My knee was really hurting the last 15-20 mins but seemed to get me home in one piece when I was advised to bathe it in the canal. I think we did 7-8 miles and returned 8.25pm so missed the spin class. I don't think I will be doing any running for a while at least 'til after my MRI scan on Sept 13th.

I was really disappointed at the run as I felt in fantastic condition, so I went for a swim to release the extra energy I had left in me. My arms felt like jelly when I got in the water and didn't think I would swim very far. I thought I would do 1.5km and see how I got on, it was ok and just about managed another 1km so total 2.5km (100 lengths in under 40 mins) Knee was a little achy again but nothing too serious.

Not a bad day in all but I've just come home feeling I haven't really done much today for some reason.


Just did the swimming with the Tri club today. Quite a good turn out for once on a Tuesday. Warm up consisted of 12 lenths crawl, 8 lenghts mixed and 4 lengths not crawl. Main set was 16 x 100m fast with 2 mins rest. I took the first 2 sets relatively easy as I was still warming up and to guage the pace I could go to for the rest of the swim. I did 1min 25sec and 1min 27. Time to up the pace and the next 14 I probably did 1min 20 sec for all of them. Last 2-3 were flat out sprints 1min 17, 1 min 15 and I think the last I hit 1min 13 but was soo knackered I forgot to check the time. I usued my arms more and my legs less as if I keep a fast pace kicking all the time I tend to get cramp and this new technique worked a treat but my arms were killing me.

Not swam a good fast session like that for a very long time and was extremly pleased with the effort I could put in.

weight 71.4kgs ( back to normal) Target not met???? Hmmm must be the 2 x fish and chips at Blackpool.

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