Monday, 17 August 2009

The 'Killer Mile'

The Killer Mile

Met at Pete's 9.15 with the aim of hopping on the 10.10 from Piccadilly to Holmes Chapel. At his house he seemed to be taking ages doing his hair or something so didn't set off 'til 9.45. Got to Picc at 10.05 he got there 10.03 as he took an earlier turning and I couldn't cut across the moving traffic. He said where the f*&^ I'd been, the train left at 10.04.....dozy sod.
We decided to cycle some of the way and catch the next train at East Didsbury so headed across the city centre and made a bee line for Edinburgh cycle coop. Quite extravagent for a cycle shop, with extravagent prices too! Didn't have the nice stuff I like looking at, wheels, tyres anthing thats red/white/both or good looking gear. Just boring stuff that sells. Back to cycling and caught the train at last.
The original plan was to follow part of an audax route and do a 25 mile TT route but time was short as I had to be back for 4 so we headed for Mow Cop for a little challenge......THE KILLER MILE. The start was at the Level crossing and the finish was just further up top station road onto high st. After posing for starting photos I gave Pete a 2min head start and the race was on. Just a few yards into the run and the gradient had reached double figures and over 20 after 200 yards. No sign of Pete yet he must have been going quite well or I had too much confidence in my ability. As I saw the mountain infront of me I saw Pete giving his all. I hit the base of the killer bit gradient of 25% after just under 6 mins. He was a few metres infront and managed to hold me off for a little while. I thought we had finished so stopped, getting ready to take some photos of Pete sprinting up as he past me he conveniently waited until further up the road to tell me the finish was another hundred yards ahead! So I remounted and sprinted to the finish in a time just under 9mins included that bleeding stop! We carried on to the castley thing at the top and I posed there and had a little break whilst admiring the gorgeous views of Wales, Jodrel bank, Liverpool, Fiddlers ferry and some other places in the distance. Time for a bit of food so popped in The Cheshire View pub which is on the 25% gradient and had the £5 special. Homemade veg soup (best ever) and fish and chips (not as good) Pete had sweet and sour pork which was quite nice. Will have to go again as they sold steak of bison and blue shark which I had never had. They also do ostrich, venison and alligator and a 24oz rump but I have had those before.
So on a full stomach we headed back to Holmes Chapel but just had to climb the big hill again ( had to walk down most of it as I didn't have the balls to ride down. I hate descending) before we finally went at a very good pace to the station as we needed to get the 3.02 back to Picc. It was then another sprint back home to get there at 4.10pm. Hmmm good going. Little cycling was achieved in the 7hrs I was out but it was such an enjoyable day out and wouldn't hesitate doing it again. pics to follow. 2 moz we plan to do Holme as 'recommended' by red bike and come back on the Woodhead.

Just a final word.......If Pete can do the 'Killer Mile' it can't be all that 'Killer' can it?!?!? (Warning to all steep hills: we are on the look out for youuuuuu)

Distance 40miles ish
Average no idea
Time 7hrs+


  1. I stupidly took the fixie up there. You probably wont be too suprised to hear I didn't make it to the top.