Friday, 21 August 2009

Pre-Holiday Blues

Just about managed to drag myself out of bed with the good ntention of riding the bike to work but it was blowing a gale. Talk about fair weather rider :( I was just going to get home from work and go to bed because I really need to recover from all the cycing and other bits I have been doing without any rest but I coaxed ymself to go to Middleton Arena and swim with the tri club.
20 lengths warmup then 10x25m sprints. Main set was very challenging 4 x100 30 secs rest, 4x100 20 secs rest, 4x 100 10 secs rest, 4x100 10 secs rest, 4x100 20 secs rest. Paced it quite well but didn't have the energy to go flat out so concentrated more on technique. 4 x25 m super sprints with 10 secs rest. Ouch what a killer then 4 lengths warm down. I am glad I went but I dont think the session did me any good at all as I couldn't put the effort in.
Got home and since I thought I haven't been eating alot recently as I am trying to lose the pounds ( and climb faster) I decided to stuff my face. 3 salmon steaks and 2 chicken breasts with fried rice. yum yum. Should give me the energy for a final ride on Sunday before I fly to Vegas. Need some good nights sleep too which I find difficult to find. If someone could sell ' a good nights sleep' I bet it would cost a fortune! hmmmm maybe.

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  1. After a long ride I always seem to find it hard to get off to sleep and impossible to wake up the next morning.