Friday, 11 September 2009

Long time coming - update at last


After yesterdays antics there was no way I was going swimming with the tri club so booked into circuit training and spinning. Donning more of my new gear I hit it quite hard, especially the shuttle runs. Tricep dips seem to be getting much easier, pressups as hard as ever as well as the 'bench' Felt like I had a good workout and was ready to hit the spinning after I went down to chat with some of the tri lads.
Was going to work my socks off again but found myself 'bonking' quite early on. First time I have really felt like this. My lungs could keep going but there was no way I could lift my legs at all, I didn't have an ounce of energy to keep going but really wanted to. Only been working out for just over an hour which is nothing for me. Can't understand it. I wonder if the extra weights sessions were having a massive effect?


First day back in training after the 2 week holiday I went on a bike ride at 10am up Blackstone edge just an easy 42 miles as it was nice and sunny and there was little wind. I started off thinking I would try and beat my 18.4mph average or whatever it was I did on it last time. Was going strong up to Littleborough at 17.4 mph then went to 15.2mph across Blackstone edge. Last time I averaged over 32mph from Blackstone to Mytholmroyd but there was a big headwind now and I really struggled to get over 23-24mph nevermind that as an average. In typical fashion the head wind followed me all the way home. I was trying different techniques to make the wind easier to cut into but nothing was working so just had to grind my way through it. My legs felt terrible at the end as if I hadn't ridden for a few months and I could barely stand - no joke! I had averaged 17mph dead on, I'm hoping I did quite well considering the bad wind after 30 mins riding but the stats and the condition of my legs say otherwise :( I had over took 4 roadies, woohoo but they were all over 60, boooohoo.

Went to gym at 7.30pm to try out some of the new clothes. ( I bought some kiddies tops and shorts which fitted haha well cheap too $2.50 for a pair of Addidas shorts, yes you read that right) and did a big weights session then swam at 9. I dont think you could call it swimming. My arms wouldn't take me past 6 lengths and Im used to 140!!! So I did some intervals, 20 single lengths on 30 secs so about 10secs rest. Only in the water just over 20 mins and again struggled to stand up. Managed to weigh myself and I'm coming in at 73.2kgs!!! OMG have I really put on 2-3 kgs in 2 weeks!


Managed to fit in quite a few gym session in. 1st week did a lot of intervals on the excercise bike and lots of weights and 2nd week did more on the cross trainer and lots of weights. Didn't think I was eating too much either. Only 2 meals a day (although quite hefty but healthy). It was a pain in the arse finding diet drinks in Vegas. Found a shop that sold big bottles of diet Mountain Dew and cleared them out. Never saw it on the shelves again. Towards the end of the holiday I found myself gorging on a couple of big macs and the odd doughnut :) I thought The 2 weeks 'rest'would see me refreshed but i was wrong.....


  1. 17mph into a headwind having not ridden for a few months seems like good going to me!

  2. um 2weeks :( it felt like months. In fact I felt so bad I thought I was 17 stone again.