Tuesday, 28 July 2009

laziness? lethargy? or lame?

5 days off work and I have hardly done anything that I planned to do. Just could not be arsed. I really did plan on going to the club ride on Sunday to Marsden but the rain was hammering it down at 8am and it did not look like stopping.

Monday came and went, I was going to go gym and bike but just ened up doing hill sprints at Heaton park with Middleton Harriers. Absolutely loved the session. Believe it or not when we do hills I dont fall as far behind. My knee did start to twinge towards the end and I skipped the warm down around the golf course as I might not have made it back.

Tuesday came and is going very slowly. ITS MY BIRTHDAY! Celebrated by not having a lie in as I was invovled in a car accident yesterday and the car needed taking to garage asap. Went to gym at 10.30am and did some weights ( not done for a while) and cross trainer. I went on the bike for 3 min 20 secs and my knee was really playing up. Unusual as it doesn't happen on the bike normally. I fely very fresh too and keeping a very good pace easily. I adjusted my position so I was 'leaning as far forward over the pedals and seem to get more power in each stroke for little effort. I had to sit right on the edge of the seat. Might transfer this technique to my road bike and see what happens. Still not happy with my positioning as sometimes I feel I'm stretching too much in calves or on Saturday I felt I wasn't stretching any muscles and started to ache. Back to the drawing board as they say.

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