Sunday, 27 February 2011

Crappy weather and wind, as usual

Distance 40 miles  Average 18.2mph

The night before I was sure the weather was going to be cloudy early morning and then turning to bright spells late morning. Set off early ish but not as early as I would have like and the drizzle started almost instantly. I convinced myself that it would calm into nothing even as the drops got heavier and heavier! Soon the rain was blowing fast and hard into my eyes and could barely see anything from Edenfield Rd into Rawtenstall. So tempted to head straight back home but I decided to climb Tod/bacup rd and the wind and rain subsided until the top. Was expecting a tailwind heading East but I was getting slower and slower. A tailwind would have put me at 21mph ish but I just about hit 14mph to Bacup. The climb told me what kind of form I was in. 53/25 was the lowest I needed and managed to stand for most of it. These multiple winds with 'bad air' are real killers. I think there was a Southerly/Northerly and a Westerly.  BBC had the wind direction do a 3/4 circle over the whole day so I dont think I was far wrong, just depends which wind is blowing strongest. Its getting an obsession of mine! My head contained angry thoughts and I needed to let off some steam and pedalled as hard and as quick as I could.

There were quite a few other cyclists about today, wish I had some company most of the time. Drenched and cold I arrived at Rochdale Baths to see who was riding with the tri club and to get some more miles in. Hot Choccy warmed me up briefly and as soon as we went outside I was shivering again. The pace set was excruciating as I wasn't getting any warmer so I turned off and headed for home.

Distance 10miles  Average 17.6mph

Once there, Jamis could easily have found herself wrapped around my front door until I was greeted by my ickle daughter. She stared at me, no joke - the rain then stopped and I was just glad to be back. Going all out for little reward is nooo fun.

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