Monday, 7 February 2011

Mileage not adding up

Fri and Sat were supposed to be commutes but the wind and rain put me off completely. Not good! Sunday wasn't good either. I had to do something to keep/improve my regained fitness so in desperation I had to dig deep to the bottom of my gym bag to find the pass with 4 months free on it due to a screw up at their end. ( supposed to be cancelled in Nov)....Noooo not the GYM.

Started off without a warmup and with my adrenalin pumping double time just hit a 10 mile tt straight away on the gym bikes. First 5miles were easy enough, keeping just under 2min/mile pace. I had a time of 19.46 to beat and kinda went flat out the rest of the way. Heart rate was close to 180 and had to ease off a little now and again. I was pedalling frantically ( for me) at over 120 revs/min and everything just felt right. Ended up with a PB time of 19 min 16 secs and close to 300watts average.

A quick dry down, sip of water and I was away on the running machine. 6.5mph, nice and easy...... OH OHHHH cramping up badly after 2 mins. Quickly dropped to a paltry 6.0mph where I had to control my breathing through my nose as I was in agony with my usual running stitch also. ( That'll teach me from stuffin my face with sunday dinner and rushing to gym before clsoing time) within 15mins I was good to go again and upped the speed every five minutes as my knee was holding up well. So well in fact that I lasted a whole hour on the treadmill and therefore was able to end with a good all out sprint. 7miles in 1 hr.

Weather supposed to be good Tuesday... maybe a nice ride is in order.

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