Friday, 18 February 2011

Not as easy, the cold zaps me

Commute to work was in pure sunshine with nice temperatures albeit with a wind against the grain. The air just felt right, cut through it with such ease which made pedalling fun and effortless. Good news for my legs for Sat then....? NO!

Going home was a total contrast to the above and to last nights ride back. Wind was with me however the cold air pus a brick wall right in my face which ever direction I turned to. I used my legs way too much but my averages were quite good so using my silly reasoning I wanted to keep it up. I kept telling myself that I can rest tomorrow instead as I dug deep for each and every turn of the crank. Keeping as low as possible didn't seem like it was making a difference but Im sure it must have been so persevered. Roads were getting very slippy and my back wheel twitched on more than one occasion.

Don't think I mentioned this in my blog previously but I had a bad recent experience with such conditions. It was only about a month or so ago and the air felt much warmer than it was. Was not expecting ice and as I went downhill at 20+mph into a 90 degree turn both wheels went at the same time. I was only 1 minute from home. It seemed like a lifetime until I eventually hit the deck and then slid for about 10metres, stopped by the pavement. Miraculously  damage was minimal, did the speed help me? or was it pure luck? The bike? Rear skewer was heavily grazed and shifter had small cosmetic scratches otherwise it was fine. I just grazed my knee and was back on the bike in 2 days although it was a little stiff.

Due to that incident my cornering has suffered badly and I just can't trust my tyres or under wheel conditions. I stopped at Middleton Leisure centre to see if any of the Triathlon lads were doing the Audax on Sat. Turns out quite a few are going so I'm happy. Got home and found the temperature to be -1. My body hates the cold.

To Work      Average  19.7mph      Distance 20miles

To Home      Average  18.7mph      Distance 20miles

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