Monday, 21 February 2011

New position, old problems

Mon 21st Feb

A day doesn't go by where I haven't tampered with my bike in one way or another and today I raised the saddle height. Saddle is kept tilted upwards and as far back as possible. I have refrained from doing this in the past because of my left calf, it doesn't like being stretched.
This morning the alarm was set for 1.30am and I was out for 2. Nice and dry with the usual swirly wind. The left leg just doesn't  like the position but Im gonna keep at it. Its as if the blood is being restricted. At the bottom of the pedal stroke I can pull harder at the expense of a fast cadence, much slower now. This position suits the climbs and its been a while since I've seen some of the speeds on the ascents.
The route home saw much of the same but the power I was putting down was affecting my dodgy left knee and it nearly keeled over and died. Gentle pedalling for 5mins seemed to cure it and I was away again but making sure I was pushin all the way down to the bottom of the stroke before pulling back. It did the trick. With the new height and saddle pointing up, its very difficult to get in the drops when my muscles are tired and          

To Work     20miles     19.6mph  (Had to edit to change mileage as I forgot to set the garmin off)

To Home     20miles     19.3mph (Very pleased, look at all the traffic light stops!)

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