Sunday, 13 February 2011

Omnidirectional 36km/h gusts

I have just killed myself doing this.

So what prompted me to go out in howling winds and drenched roads with the possibility of myself getting heavily sodden or thrown off a cliff?

Well the night before I struggled to sleep as I dreamt of positioning on my bikes, especially TT bike then I watched videos of Marco Pantani and saw piccies of Merckx. They had their saddles set right back but their bars weren't much lower than the saddle height but their arms quite stretched forward. On my TT bike my arms were stretched forward ( very comfy) and I was being forced back into the saddle ( needs setting back a bit or/and lifting) So I lowered and set right back my saddle on Jamis and really wanted to test out my new position. Also ordered a 160mm stem with 35 degree fall/rise!

 That night/morning I checked the weather forecast to be fine until about 10am on Sunday where it would then piss it down. However I got woken up by the pitter patter of water at 2am! That pissed me off no end so I stayed awake waiting for a break in the clouds, unaware of the strength of wind awaiting.

When I stepped out side at 6.15am I instantly changed and shortened my planned route due to the severity of wind. Up to Greenfield via Oldham and Lees and back to Manchester via Mossely and Audenshaw.  SSE wind saw a nice tail wind for a couple of miles but I was travelling across the wind....strange. What I tried to do was focus on riding, technique and keeping my position rather than  on the external factors, keeping a mental note of any alterations that might need doing.

Legs were amazing and for the first time in ages I was able to stand for long distances on ascents without ill effect even when being constantly being pounded backwards or sideways. Every metre was a struggle especially at 30-35 miles in when I was travelling downhill slightly, allegedly with the wind directly behind me, 30mph+ should have been easy but I just about hit 20mph :(

My outstrectched position was fine initially but my back was under a lot of strain due to the permanent excess effort required today and was aching a little for the last 10 miles. Usually can look in car windows etc to see how aero I am but due to darkness and lights on the helmet I was unable to. Super, super happy with today's effort.

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