Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bring on Summer!

Going to work, I thought I might have a go at record setting as There was a NorthEasterly wind. Initalliy I had to travel NE against it and thought it shouldn't be too bad. Wrong!  Travelling South W I should have a super tail wind..Wrong! Next section was a bad cross wind but the final leg, 3miles ish, downhill was fast, a little stop/start so practised my sprints. Still nowhere near as fast as I have done in the past with a tail wind.   Speeds were all over the show and I kinda gave up on the record 5mins after setting off.

Going home there was no wind what so ever, well just a slight NE again (Although a head wind shouldn't affect me too bad) Wrong! What ever the direction and whether I was travelling slow up a big gradient or trying to get some speed on a down hill the wind resistance felt like I was doing 60mph down a cliff face. The air pressure this week is very high and the cold air probably makes it dense too as well as being close to sea level ish. Considering the low average compared to last week I think this could have been my best ride yet as I was able to put in a 'perceived' very hard sustained effort for most of the course. I was really hurting but seemed to recover from bigger efforts quickly. Not looking forward to the rest of the week :(

To Work   Distance 20 miles    Av Sp 19.2mph

To Home  Distance 20 miles    Av Sp 18.3mph

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