Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Alarm set for 2.30am for a 5am start but I must have subconsciously turned it off when it started buzzing and fell asleep til 7am. Had a fab sleep but no commute today. Instead I went to the gym.

 A quick Warmup on the gym bike turned into an all out 10mile TT as legs kept pushing and pushing without hurting! Heart rate went to my highest ever of 181 ( Alot lower than I'd expect). Just wish I started as well as I finished as I was close to 1min25s/mile pace for the last half mile. 10miles in about 19.30secs.

Next up was a row then I figured a nice easy 30min run to finish off before an hours swim. Set the computer for a 2000m 'sprint' and away I go. 1min49sec/500m  pace for the first 500m then I drifted off to 1min50pace and ended with a 1min53/500m End time for 2000m was 7mins 24 secs which I think is a PB. Not bad as I haven't had any arm muscle training for close to a year.

Run time but I lasted 8mins before my knee started to give me problems so stepped off immediately to avoid further pain. I went back to the bike for a high resistance, low cadence session and the knee was fine.

The swim was terrible as my arms were literally dead and couldn't pull. Only managed about 60 lengths with most of the time chatting with guys from the tri club.

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