Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Easy does it!

Back to work after 10 days off and its commute time again. Gorgeous sun mid afternoon. The next 3 commutes will be nothing too strenuous, easier said than done when your legs feel amazing.

 Its the North West Passage Audax on Saturday run by West Pennine Road Club and usually Rochdale Tri club like to offer their support for this event as it starts and finishes in Rochdale! Since I haven't been to any Tri club training sessions for 3 or 4 months, not sure if any will turn up. I participated in this event last year, well the 'mini' version anyway as the full hog is 200km! Too cold to do something like that. £5 entry with free pie and peas at the end. What more could a cyclist ask for? Good weather!?

Whilst on my way to work it was great going at a sedate pace ( but keeping cadence high) and I soaked up the rays, only thing missing was my pair of Oakley's. The UCI track world cup is being held now/soon and as I passed the junction of Oldham Rd with Alan Turing Way ( which leads to Velodrome) I saw about 10 cyclists in a black kit with a stripe(s) across the chest, stopped at the lights. I heard them shouting to me or at me but I was going too fast and just about managed to get a glance.

Going home was just as easy but I really wanted to floor it as I don't feel like I'm getting any benefit out of going slow. Begrudgingly, I managed to restrain myself and found staying in the drops for 90% of the journey quite comfy. Legs just wanted to push further and harder but I treated them to a fast cadence instead. Need to install that cadence sensor thingy ideally. Also forgot my heart rate monitor. Beating fast due to the pedal speed but I'm trying to save the legs for Saturday. Speed was excellent, mostly uphill, barely trying. Must be being in the drops.

To work   Average 17.7mph    Distance 20miles

To Home  Average 19.1mph   Distance 20 miles

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