Monday, 14 February 2011

More Miles....

Only so that I can keep on gorging on my lovely home cooked food. My appetite hasn't declined since I was 17 stone+ and could probably eat more now than I could then. The one month - ish between Decemeber and January where bike riding was impossible/dangerous I put on close to 10 kilos. Tonight I ate 2 huge platefuls( the oval steak plates) of stir fry and noodles and rice, lunch was a massive carvery. I'll call it carb loading for an Audax coming up on Sat where I should be doing close to 100 miles. The thing is I drink loads so that I don't confuse the signs for thirst/hunger. I was 63 kilos, my lightest, for the club hill climb champs and was over 73 kilos last month. I'm about 68-69 now. This time last year I was 67kilos. My aim is to get under 60kgs, that sounds kinda low but I am small. So small I think my 51cm frame is too big or my legs too short.

Anyway, just a quick 40miles today. Well, not all that quick, just a steady and gentle ride to keep on testing my position.  I tilted the saddle back so that my back side wouldn't keep slipping forward and I liked it, alot.

STATS 40Miles, 16.6mph average, 2000ft climbing.

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