Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Decent ride out

Tues 8th Feb

Stats: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/67272130

How on earth I averaged 18.2mph with 4000ft climbing I will never know. Started in a foul mood with legs to match and just couldn't get going or feel like it. Suppose the running I keep doing is having a big effect with muscle 'recovery' The wind was a Southerly 10-15mph and a lot gustier on higher ground as I came to find out. So the first 20 or so miles I had a good tail wind? Well I couldn't tell but I could definitely feel the head wind for the rest of the trip especially up the climb near Crown Point to the highest mark on my journey on Burnley Rd East. Going quite hard all round the course as my heart rate is constantly around the 165-170 mark. Last 15 miles my averages were really difficult to maintain due to stopping at red lights constantly and the strain of sprinting after each one to get my speed up was tiring me out very quickly. After 55 miles I got a '2nd wind' and felt I could go on again for much longer, that coincided with me changing direction and having a funny tail wind again. Once home I got off the bike and could actually walk with no problems, a few weeks ago after a fairly short ride I cramped up so bad I couldn't get off the bike or up the driveway to my front door.

Wed 9th Feb

For some reason I just felt like I needed to run. Never had that feeling before. Off to the gym as it was getting cold, windy and dark outside. Started off at a steady 7mph and went to 7.5mph after 10 mins. 8 mph was reached with  5 mins to go followed by a few mins sprint then 6mph warm down for 5mins. Roughly 6km in 30mins.
Next was gym bike. Wasn't expecting miracles as I wasn't too fresh. I used level 14 instead of 12 this time and did 10miles in 23.30, made it up to 30 mins with about 12 miles.
Swimming is usually my strong point but the last time I went was absolutely ages ago and wasn't expecting too much from this session. Only had just over 40mins and was just going to do 50 lengths, just over 1km until some kid got in and started racing me. Gave me the lift I needed as I could tell my heart rate was now above resting!  Not quite fair but I still beat him apart from 1 length but anyway I ended up doing 100 lengths! which is 2.5km.

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