Saturday, 16 July 2011

The TT that wasn't.

Tuesday 12th July - TT bike all ready and the wind is howling like a little girl who's lost her teddy. After 5 mins getting to the start of course I hit a big pot hole and punctured. That wasn't the end. Nope. The rubber bung from my valve extender which screws into the presta valve of the inner tube got lost in the deep rimmed Pro-lites. After mucho fiddling I managed to half fill the tube and carried on towards the course making sure I missed every bump. It was going to be an UBER slow day as the wind swirled and picked up. Pantani and I with 3 others turned up but no marshalls or time keepers. NO TT!   20miles done no Garmin data.

Wednesday 13th July -  Tampering with my seatpost height again on Jamis. I know the problem is that actual saddle and that I need another Fizik Arione CX ( tried a planet x style arione and it was terrible) but when I bought a brand new one for £45 a couple of months ago and the cheapest now are 90 quid I just cant justify it. I know I spend a lot on shit but its good value shit. Can only use one position with this saddle now, its like an Aliante :(  2am commutes are nice but cold. My supplementation is working a dream and although I still get tired my legs feel miles less pain/niggles.

Going home I took a hilly, long route home but was forced to suffer a head/cross wind for all the joke. Infact the best times were when I was heading North from Manchester to Bury which should have been a full on Northerly wind and therefore my slowest time.  Possibly because I was still fresh but by the time I finished I was wrecked. Understandably slow average.

Thursday 14th July - More early morning madness but much more colder. 6 EFFING DEGREES in the middle of SUMMER. Theres a massive low pressure area sitting over us with a close high pressure above and below us which is creating havoc.  TT bike today and again I adjusted slightly and I think I have found 'THE ONE' as in  the one position that is most aero, most fastest and most comfortable all in ONE.  Going to work was fast , wind just brisk.  Going home I was flying into a massive head wind/cross again but although I didn't record my fastest time I know it was my best commute ever, power wise! I had to stop more times than an Ice Cream van/bus on a housing estate but that didn't prevent me from sprinting off and being able to go flat out for all the course. Not sure what the position looks like but it feels fantastic and I notice the difference in wind resistance/lack of it instantly. Saddle is a bit back, tilted up to stop me from slipping forward with the bars angled upwards which supposedly flattens the stomach. Also widened the bars a little. It allows me to pull on the bars which I have never been able to do before except on Pantani's setup but its not aero enough for me. Throwing my cards on the table, I reckon I could do a 22.?? 10mile TT right now.  Hah.

Friday 15th July - No Garmin data today as I needed to take it easy and just can't do it knowing what speed I am going at. Quite tired in body and in mind. Still made good progress either way but the wind is getting worse and more swirly by the day. Just the straight 40miles.

Saturday 16th July - Woke up at 2am but due to the rain stayed in bed til 4.15am thats when the rain stopped but needed the car to get to work on time. Came home and went on a run. Thought  I followed the same course as before but screwed up somewhere and didn't. Thought I'd beaten my last time by 3 mins but in reality it was only just over one. previously I ran at 7.56min/mile today was 7.36min/mile. Im positive running helps with my cycling as I can get my heart rate higher when rested.

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