Monday, 18 July 2011

Burn off that Pizza.


Saturday night I really fancied a Pizza as I haven't had one for ages. Ended up having a starter, main and dessert. Ugh. I thoroughly recommend a Smoked salmon, buffalo mozzarella and cherry tommy pizza on thin base - not available at your local Dominoes and un'believably' cheaper.

Knowing the weather is going to be atrocious all Sunday, for some odd reason, I still set my alarm for 6.15am for a ride. Missus got me out of bed and said 'get out there or you'll be a miserable sod all day'! Fair enough. SUN! wow it was sunny but by the time I was ready, about 30 mins, it had already started drizzling.

After the run the day before, usually I'm hurting bad, tight muscles etc but after a couple of minutes of easy stretching I was away. Just going to take it relatively easy with a few big hills thrown in depending on how my legs were. Turned out I was relatively fresh but as no Garmin I was determined to keep the heart rate low. I read recently that the best way to train is to keep your easy rides easy and hard rides, well just kill yourself or you'll end up like a diesel engine, strong but not fast. Good description of me.

No idea where the wind was coming from all day as it was swirly again and the only tail wind was half way up Blackstone edge, the bottom half was blustery the middle section was calm and the top was 'gale force'. Heavy rained absolutely drenched every inch of clothing and I must have been carrying an extra 2 kilos. I was enjoying it apart from the wet gloves. Ended up doing 50miles in 3 hrs with 4000ft climbing so average was about 16.7mph. Not too bad for a hilly ride, taking it easy in bad conditions. Pizza duly burnt.

Just been informed that another custom wheelset should be with me by the end of this week and I am sooo excited. If all the promises made come true then the wait will be worth it and I will be the happiest cyclist that week at least until it starts raining again.


Entering the final week of the ToF there is still everything to play for. Most impressive rider so far? Hushovd? I really disliked this guy, not really a team player and his style is annoying. He does have a motivation for riding like he has done recently though.....his contract expires this season and he lives in Monaco need I say more? I detest him even more :P The way the GC is going Cadel has his best chance yet if the stalemate continues. I think Contador could be saving everything for stage 18, Portes, injury up played and will play a big part. Navarro also resting as much as possible.  Stage 19 too short and a humongous decent after the big climb to catch up lost time easily. Maybe Contador will attack again on the Alpe d'Huez if he hasn't got much time back. He might also put all his eggs in one basket and do it all on the TT but can't see it. The race in on!

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