Sunday, 24 July 2011

3 1/2 weeks, one rest day.

Since returning from my hols I have been in such a determined mood to regain  my fitness, lose lots of weight and          
 improve. It has also, coincidentally ,  been the same month the TdeF commenced. With my new supplement the effects are astounding. 'Chronic' tiredness has disappeared, don't get that heavy feeling in the legs, no tingles or niggles in muscles, less tightening, can pedal standing on demand even when tired they are the major effects. It's not a miracle drug as I still get fatigued, heart rate can plummet, need recovery rides but I can keep plodding on regardless.

Just started at the gym again to strengthen my leg muscles as 2 years ago Im sure it helped alot,not been for ages. Pressed some heavy weights 170kg 10 rep (used to do 220 in reps of 30 2 years ago so need to keep it up) and DOMS has been negligible for the first few days and still able to cycle with va va voom.

Mon 18th July - Nice 50miler into work, hard work though as it was pissing it down just like the Sunday before. Still recovering from run 2 days ago. Cold night easy ride and air resistance felt negligible!

To Work     Distance 50miles     Av Sp 17.7mph
To Home     Distance 21miles     Av Sp 19.1mph

Tuesday 19th July - Strange night at 2am. Difficult to raise HR yet air resistance felt high and wind nowt too, cold. Relatively fast ride home considering. Lots of standing = low cadence. I fought tooth and nail to raise my HR and tried to hammer it. At the end I gave it my all in a final Sprint and HR hit 140 ???? I dunno its like my body had put a ceiling on it.

To Work     Distance 20 miles     Av Sp 20.2mph
To Home     Distance 21miles     Av Sp 18.7mph

Wednesday 20th July - Since my commute was 2am I counted that as my Wednesday cycle.

Thursday 21st July - 15min warmup on gym bikes then big session of weights on legs and medium/light on upper body. Abdominals are aching 5 days after, legs fine. Swimming with Tri Club was very hard but got stronger towards the end until I thought I could take everyone on and died :(

Friday 22nd July - Another long cycle but BEFORE my commute to work with 2000ft climbing and a head/cross wind throughout although the wind has been coming from multiple directions again negating the full on head wind effect. Easy ride going to work Av HR 135 good speed. Going home I had that annoying 'still air' wall effect. Totally different to Tuesday night. Unable to raise HR to a satisfactory level and Av 125 very easy ride but still able to get out of the saddle.

Morning Ride     Distance 33.5 miles     Av Sp 17.2mph
To Work     Distance 21.3miles     Av Sp 18.8mph
To Home     Distance 20.0miles     Av Sp 17.1mph

Sat 23rd July - First sign of a decent day so took Scottie for a spin and to set her up again as i broke the seatpost and had to replace without taking down measurements. Very bad swirly wind coming from the West and slight;y hillier than normal so how on earth I acheived a good speed I will never know. Coming home I just caned it.

To Work     Distance 20 miles     Av Sp 21.3mph
To Home     Distance 20 miles     Av 19.9mph grrrr

Sunday 24th July - Again Sat night commute counts as Suns cycle but I did go to gym again. Row for warmup and more Leg presses and upper body work. Only just managed to press 145kg which  is pitiful so went down to 50 and repped it 30 times.

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