Monday, 11 July 2011

TT prep.

Saturday - just a quick 15 miles to correct some positioning issues on my TT bike.

Sunday - 35miles TT bike ( 25miles on Garmin), a couple were warmup and a couple warm down and some miles lost were downhill miles at 35mph  as I stopped Garmin at traffic lights and forgot to restart ( GPS-only takes ages to reach zero once stopped). Felt quite fast ( good air) but still waiting for those perfect conditions to appear.

Distance 26 miles     Av Sp 21.9mph

Monday - 32 miles TT bike. Bit hillier than yesterday and the wind felt awful. 3mph? Bollox. Set off quite early and it was fairly cold. Wish I held off til later on when it was warm and sunny. Came back home to see gusts of 30km/h but it was blowing in 3 directions. Head wind up the first hill nearly killed me and had to ease off a bit instead of power through. Opposite direction saw a head/cross wind too which really annoyed me. Get a bit of a tail then a gust would negate any gains I just made but mainly was a cross.

Distance 32 miles     Av Sp 19.9mph

8 mile Club TT on Tuesday. I was going to say its looking like it could be nice but there's a bleedin' thunder storm predicted for 5pm. FFS!!!! Just as most of the course had just been relayed as well. Must be the nicest TT course in the country :P Now I will be F*&$$'d off if I can't ride my TT bike on it.

Don't you think this years edition of the ToF has been super exciting for a change? Giro a bit boring, but the new points and sprints and KoM has got more people competing and more often. TTT so close, Contador miles down ( is he bluffing the injury?) Sky winning a stage, Thor actually doing some work, some big names keeping anonymous, hidden alliances, millions of crashes, doped riders, Cav 2 Griepel 0, Voeckler doing a trademark, Gilbert doing his trademark,  not even halfway yet and more stuff I could say. I'm sure the excitement will die down once in the mountains. Cadel possibly too old to keep up with the big climbers? Kloden looks in a good position and no Lance to work for although possibly too old too? Could Voeckler go on another rampage, catch the other guys out and get more time? Andy Schlek seems to have it in the bag and the bookies agree, I hope he doesn't win it. Have I really written off Contador? Basso was my favourite until his crash before the Tour......very very anonymous.hmmmm

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