Friday, 8 July 2011

So far so good.

It's been a week and a half ish since I came back from Florida and Hamburger Heaven. The weight I put on was immense and could tell the difference on my body after only 2 days. On arrival back in England I have been eating very healthily, limiting calories and trying not to miss a day's exercise. Gradually getting there as the hills are getting slighly easier. What is a bit startling is my rate of recovery. Its quite quick. From the first cycle to now is 9 days with one rest day and I have gone from knackered  to wrecked to nearing full fitness. I'm basing this not by average speed but on the feeling in my legs. Could a single, very cheap food supplement be the key? Can you geuess what it could be? I'm building this up and could turn out to be totally rubbish but it cant be a coincidence?

Thursday commute was a bit rushed as I usually set off a couple of hrs early just in case I puncture and to get the 20mile in. A lot of faffing around later and 15miles is all that I could manage. Took it relatively easy and a hillier than normal route, still managed a good speed and was able to get out of the saddle too.

I much prefer the route home than the downhill 'trek' to work for some odd reason. It just doesn't feel like Im going downhill. So even with more than double the climbing I average similar if not better if going home. Like all week I was able to pedal with considerable force and sprint up the slight inclines, without going over my limit so little recovery needed before I could go hard again. The air was very 'draggy' tonight and any extra force used to try and go faster resulted in a blast of air saying 'don't do that again'! 

To Home     Distance 20miles     Av Sp 19.2mph

To Work     Distance 20miles     Av Sp 20.3mph

Friday morning - Been dismal all day witht he threat of heavy rain looming so I went out for a quick run with Garmin as I've never ran with it before. Stats below. Heart rate was constant as was my breathlessness and don't think I could have put much more effort in. Also thats probably going to be the maximum distance I can run regularly without any ill effects to my left knee. Much happier in myself after the run knowing that I've not left today as a complete rest day.

Distance 4.05miles     Av Sp 7.6mph    Av  Pace 7.56min/mile Time 32.09mins

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