Friday, 1 July 2011

Pantani helps with my comeback.

I'm Back! After a superb time in Florida in which my 16month old surprisingly thoroughly enjoyed herself, I think I have got over my 'depression'  and possible overtraining.

Distance 50miles     Av Sp 17.8mph

Desperate to get on the bike again I recruited the services of  Pete 'Pantani' to give me an easy ride to get back into form with the goal of getting another 10mile TT under my belt. He suggested a long ride to Southport but sensibly ( unlike me) declined and opted for the halfway point of Haigh Hall nr Wigan. 25miles either way. We set off with a blustery Westerly head wind and I instantly knew it was going to be hard going when trying to draft Pantani I can't even keep up!  He was flying, very unusual. What was also difficult was clipping into my pedals, must just be outta practise but it lost me 15 secs at every set of lights and made a hard job impossible. Pete's wheel was getting a bit boring as I sucked and barely held on up to the half way point. We averaged 17mph, uphill into a bad head wind. What happened to slow bastard? or is that me.

At Haigh Hall I bought the brews then listened to Peter Andre doing his sounds checks in the distance. Wasn't looking forward to the trip home. Saddle height was raised and I decreased cadence and somehow I managed to increase my heart rate. It was my turn to open up the gaps however Pantani  doesn't really try unless he is leading. We expected an almighty tailwind but was greeted with a cross wind from the North which was building up speed as the sun appeared between clouds. So many stops along the way constantly disrupted our rhythm and the average would have been well into the 18's. My lack of fitness was starting to show and cramp was setting in. Really, I dont feel any better than before my rest,possibly worse and the fact Im writing this at 3am without sleep suggests recovery is going to be slow.

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