Saturday, 2 July 2011

I wanna Quit!

Back to work and back to the commuting. Just the Friday and Saturday. Very similar days climate wise. Little wind but so cold at 4.30 in the morning, about 6-7 degrees. Felt close to freezing. I've been out in winter in those temps and its felt warmer, alot warmer. In the afternoon it didn't feel to get warm until 3pm yet the sun had been out all day and the air felt really dense.

First morning I started full'o beans or so I thought and capitulated after 10mins if that. Heart rate plummeted to an average of close to 100!! if you ingnore the beginning. There was nothing, couldn't get out of breath but somehow I plodded on the complete the 20miles. That was the first sign that I wanted to stop cycling for a month or two even though Ive just had 3 weeks off.  Going home the sun was blazing and I actually had a little smile on my face. Still nothing from the legs but heart rate was able to get quite high. When I was doing my gym session on holiday there was a Greg Le mond Trainer bike thingy with power meter and compared to the gym ones down the road I must have been about 70-80 watts out but there was no explaination why! Couldn't face doing 20 so cut it down to 15.

Second commute was a little better but not much. Started to fade badly towards the end. My ride home was probably the most fun. Managed to keep a fairly good pace and heart rate constant at 160. About 10 miles in I could see myself catching another roadie ahead. I just had to have a go to prove to myself that I hadn't totally lost it. About 10m before catching I rested then let loose and eased past. This guy had sky bib shorts on and a Great Britain top with Fire Service or somet written on. I hit some lights and he caught up, I then sprinted off, whoa didn't think I could do that. I heard him breathing down my neck so chatted a little bit.  The pace was quite high and just  thought if I blow I dont care, just go for it. Then another set of lights and another which I sprinted off from both. I got the gap after the sprint but had to ease off dramatically as the legs just wouldn't push. It was my turn off and we said our goodbyes. That showed me there was a little spark there and so Im gonna give it another 2 weeks before going to the doctors and then a long layoff.  So Im going to take Sunday off then start again Monday, fingers crossed.


To Home     Distance 20miles     Av Sp 16.2mph

To Work     Distance 15miles     Av Sp 17.5mph


To Home     Distance 16miles     Av Sp 17.4mph

To Work     Distance 21miles     Av Sp 18.6mph

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