Friday, 8 April 2011

TT Tweaky

As the weatherman said it wouldn't be raining today so  I hopped on TT bike to get some practise in for next weeks 10mileTT. I Have done one previous Time Trial in May 2009 on the PETTS course and scored a reasonable 27.08s or close to which is 22.1mph This was on a road bike with clip ons and the worst possible position ever! My commutes to work at the time were a quick 7 miles and averaging 16mph. How on earth does that work out I do not know. Pantani averages 16mph for his rides yet scored a great 25min 50s which equates to 23.3mph! There is no way he can get over 20mph!??? Why do I struggle getting fast times for a 20miles commute on a TT bike going down hill ( 2am and 4celcius).

I needed to mess with position a few more time as going to work didn't feel right, coming home the position felt miles better just kept sliding forward a bit which can be sorted. Also coming home there was only supposed to be a 6mph wind so why were the flags blowing like mental and why was I getting blown from one side of the road to the other ( not that bad but I couldn't go faster than 26mph down a massive hill where I hit 30mph easily on roadie) Seem to go faster uphill than down too :P I couldn't count the number of stops on way home on fingers and toes there were that many!

Stats for Monday

To Work     Distance 20 miles     Av Sp 21.4mph (ignore last 0.78 at 45mph)

To Home     Distance 20 miles     Av Sp 20.5mph

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