Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Quite a fast 'un

Distance 53miles     Av Sp 21.5mph     Ascent ~4000ft ( Im sure thats not right, i used ele corr)

Two days worth of headaches, diarrhoa and tingling joints kept me off the bike even though the legs were itching to turn some cranks, until today. Another puncture!! Jeez man have pity on me. Just ordered 20 tubes to keep me rolling. Ribble stuff finally arrived after some stuff came from China! ( seatpost) I was 5mins from a bike shop in Hebden Bridge when it happened so purchased another 2 to get me home. Head wind all the way to Halifax as it was a NE wind and when I hit the top averaging 21mph I figured I could be on for a 23mph total average but no! The flags turned on me as usual when I visit West Yorkshire and swirly head wind for most of the way home. I was sooo gutted that my effort decreased as the HR shows and just wanted to get home ASAP. The amount of stops didn't help on the way home. To compound my bad luck my custom made Garmin mount fell off. Firstly one of the cable ties snapped on the utterly disgraceful roads from Hebden. I rescued the Gamin then the whole thing disintegrated. I forgot I had the quarter turn mount on as well and left it in the middle on a pot hole somewhere. Fast ride but not enjoyable.

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