Friday, 22 April 2011


PUNCTURE!!!!! On the way home. Rear yesterday ( pinch flat) Front today. This one went with an almighty BANG! Good job I wasn't flying downhill. I'm having a lot of problems with innertubes on the alloy rim/carbon  prolite wheels which need special brake pads to stop over heating. THe innertubes Im using are super super cheapo ones which cannot be obtained super super cheap anymore. This series of flats has coincidentally occurred in time with this hot weather. Hmmm. Took the tube out and it was hot and very strectchy like Mr Armstrong ( not the cyclist :) ). Good job I had my spares and a little old woman in the allotments next to me, separated by razor wire, kept me company for a while, thanks deary for the concern.

Supposed to be 13 degrees this morning, just before the sun decided to peep above the horizon. During sunlight that would feel warm. At night time it feels very cold. Yesterday afternoon I did nearly 30mph coming up to the motorway roundabout, this morning I could only manage 19mph. Yes I was trying. The wind was painful as it was in the evening. 12mph winds? no way. Back on the TT bike again and made some slight adjustments. Didn't feel right this morning even though it was amazing yesterday without tweaking. Possibly as I was a little stiff and only had 4 hrs sleep if that.

I ordered some new tyres and tubes from Ribble on Sunday. They eventually despatched today and will not get 'til Monday. I desperately need tubes! Just 2 spares left and none in the house. I wouldn't have had this problem with CRC!

To Work     Distance 20 miles     Av Sp 21.3mph

To Home     Distance 20 miles     Av Sp 21.8mph

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