Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Effin' Wind

Woke up feeling mega achey, thighs, glutes, hamstring. I do remember doing a super all out sprint near the end of my ride yesterday, up an incline against the wind. Nightmare commutes today. Super super windy. To work I had to stop at mother in laws so I did do more climbing than usual. Legs loosened up very quickly and reached a rhythm within minutes, that was a quick recovery. Massive Westerly wind 18mph with big gusts. Im sure there was a counter wind of a Northerly and maybe a slight Southerly too. Victoria Avenue is a good stretch  heading East so the tail wind should be just as humongous. I started climbing at 18mph for a good distance then suddenly a big gust dropped me more or less instantly to 12mph. On the flats I'd get a good speed but could also feel being pushed back or rather getting pushed into something stopping me? gettit?.  School had just finished everywhere and I was being obstructed by traffic so just had to be patient.

Back home and due to the direction of wind was extremely hard work. Again Westerly but with large Northerly gusts 25km/h and 42km/h. I probably went normal speed up Oldham Rd, no tail wind felt, then I just hammered the pedals constantly and as fast as I could. No respite, even turning South at the top of my journey didn't reveal a tail wind. Head/Cross all the way.  I'd put so much effort into it that my stomach was retching and my head pounding to my heartbeat. 4 degrees with real feel of -2!!!! Oh yes!! Where was my reward for the effort? In the form of a luxury Bakewell tart I saved earlier on and a nice brew.

Ummmm Im supposed to be resting for TT on Sat! Arghghghghg.

To Work     Distance 20miles     Av Sp 18.6mph   ( more climbing)

To Home     Distance 20 miles     Av Sp 18.2mph

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