Sunday, 10 April 2011

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Saturday 9th April

So determined to do well at my second ever 10mile TT that im commuting on TT bike again. My arm position looks mega strange but aero, nonetheless. Infact the aero bars are millimetres from touching the front wheel and Ive rapped my knuckles against spinning rubber a few times. That should tell you how short my legs are. Little bit warmer at 3am, about 6 degrees. Little bit weak this morning so thought Id save myself for an all out attack for the way home.

  I left work and stop, sprint, stop,, sprint stop, sprint, stop,sprint, stop, sprint, stop and thats the first 2 miles over and done with. Lights grrrrrr! I'd love to know what I could average without all these stops. Again I could feel myself being blown sideways but went hard all the way. Every downhill section my speed was cut short by lights or buses or traffic. Wasn't expecting a good time but was pleasantly surprised.

To Work     Distance 20 miles     Av Sp 20.4mph

To Home     Distance 20miles     Av Sp 20.7mph

Sunday 10th April

Was going to use this as a rest day but as soon as I saw the forecast for the rest of the week I just knew I had to go out. I went with Rochdale Tri club and the first 5miles were painfully slow, we were doing about 11mph for flat sections. It took Blackstone Edge to get some power to the pedals and were going the same speed as we were previously....bit of an exaggeration, not far off though. Went through some gorgeous twisty lanes with superb tarmac'd roads, always on the look out for oncoming cars coming in the opposite direction. From mile 15 to 25 average was fast only because there was an almighty tail wind which we pootled through. They stopped at a cafe in Hebden when our average was about 14.9mph and I soloed home, in a head wind. I enjoyed the climb to Crown Point, although in a headwind I barely went under 10mph then the descent to Rawtenstall zapped my strength as I powered through the strong wind. Same story for the rest of the journey. That head wind was hard work but managed to up the average from 14.9 ( 30miles) ish to 16.7( 30miles)mph
More climbing involved than I anticipated too.

Distance 60miles  Av Sp 16.8mph

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