Thursday, 21 April 2011

Not a Rest day

HAHA, Something out there doesn't want me to have a rest. I didn't cycle to work! expecting a nice relaxing day. I finished work a little early and the missus suggested I go out whilst she did some girlie stuff. How could I refuse? TT bike was re adjusted and felt smashing today. I was rushing and rushing to get out as soon as possible to enjoy the sunshine. A 20mile TT on good legs! Here we go. Wow I felt fast without over doing it. Where was the aching? the lethargic energy? the tiredness? Totally disappointed with the usual easter traffic and stops and slowdowns but I was expecting that anyway. My new TT'ing technique seems to be coming along and should be 'perfected' with a few more TT's under the belt. I was just coming up to a bit a hill then the fastest bit of the course I had planned.

Suddenly I had to take evasive measures as the back wheel had punctured. The tell take snake bike marks confirmed a pinch flat. No problem, Ive done this a thousand times, just change tube and away we go. In fact I've had about 5 punctures in 3 weeks so Im an expert. So i've taken the 'broken' tube out and getting ready to put a new one in when I realised I hadn't brought any with me. Bollox. I always take 2 with me. Not today. A lovely cyclist on an even nicer Bob Jackson bike passed and I flagged him down and stopped but was unable to assist so I thanked him for his time. I was only about a mile and half from home which was a stroke of luck but it was up a huge hill so I put the tyre back on and trundled home.

Distance 9 miles     Av Sp 23.8mph

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