Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Birch 8 mile Time Trial

WoW, I'm really getting into this TT malarkey. Whilst at the LBS having my tubulars properly glued I was made aware of the above TT taking place every Tues 7pm at the Gardeners Arms for 2 laps of a 4mile heavily undulating course. Also I was advised not to use my best bike just in case I beat him, I mean because of all the pot holes on one section so I used Scottie. This was a sensible choice as I would need quick access to gear changes and Im not 100% on my TT bike positioning.

The start is minutes down the road from my house and was warming up on the course in no time. Pantani met me there and who else did I see?  Mr Foley! from Rochdale Triclub and Middleton CC. We roped him and his mate into doing the TT and paid our quids to sign on. I was 13th on or so I thought and Pete 12th. The first guy set off and Pete was getting ready to go, OOooops Im 3rd off. The start was on an incline but was up to 20mph  straight away. I think I need a different technique for TT'ing and found it on my 2nd lap. Less cadence, more power, lots of push and pull on pedals. My cadence was quite high which got me out of breath quick. THe 2nd lap I was losing it until the change in technique and I manage to super sprint uphill to the finish.

8 Mile TT Birch Course       20mins.59secs      Av Sp 22.88mph

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