Sunday, 3 October 2010

Mmmmm Cheesecake

Tuesday Commute (to work)         Distance  25miles         Av Spd         18.2mph
                              (to home)        Distance  25miles         Av Spd          19.3mph

Took a bit of a beating Tuesday night, got drenched. Doesn't usually bother me but I set off unprepared ie. no waterproof, no overshoes etc so was very miserable.

Wednesday and Thursday were work rest days and cycling rest days. I was allowed out Thursday but declined the offer, went swimming instead with the Tri club. Starting to be a cheesecake connoisseur. Nutters restaurant had done the best white chocolate one but recently, absolutely love Harvester's. A chocolatey softish base lacking crunch but compliments the melt in the mouth, crumbliness perfect cheesy bit, not bitter and not too sweet, with just the right amount of raspberry coulis baked in the top. At £3.99 for a small slice it aint cheap! I hit the supermarkets to try and find a cheaper alternative. This week was Tesco's turn in the form of Extra special Newyork Vanilla Cheesecake for £4. I expected great things but was let down. Didn't feel cheesy but had a cheesy bitter aftertaste and the bicuit, a little digestivey. I still ate 1500calories worth to make sure my taste buds weren't lying. Next was the ES Millionaires Cheesecake on offer at £3.60. Comes with a gooey chocolate topping, small amounts of  liquid caramel, with a mild caramel cheesey taste but was disappointed at the lack of a 'short bread' base just the super sugary and buttery digestive tasting one. Again 1500 calories worth eaten! A lot nicer than the ES Newyork but still looking for the 'ONE' Might have to pop down to some independants. The Slattery has a good reputation in Whitefield,  the big cakes are nice and fancy but the  little desserts are supermarket standard so not sure I'll bother with theirs.

So in 2 days I must have consumed 6000 calories in sugar alone. Lots of energy for cycling?

Friday Commute (to work)     Distance    25miles        Av Sp           16.4mph
                           (to home)    Distance    30miles        Av Sp            19.9mph

Felt terrible Friday going to work which was worsened by the  Southerly wind as my commute zig zags to the south so a permanent head wind which died down come to the evening cycle which I extended so that I could get in over 200miles for the week.

Saturday Commute (to work) Distance   25miles         Av Sp             20.0mph
                              (to home) Distance   30miles         Av Sp             20.1mph

Impressed with the work cycle as there were lots of traffic light stops, actually all this week there have been loads of traffic light stops going to and from work as I have started late morning and finished early evening. Also had that nasty Southerly/SW wind again. On the way home I did what I try to do on my commutes and do a few intervals. Some sprinting from traffic lights, some long straight less intense but very hard and the sitting hill climb where I am totally zapped at the top. Recovery inbetween was quick so rest periods were as short as possible. Enjoyed my mini hill climb today as I concentrated on a super smooth and fast-ish pedal motion which worked and speeds were very good in the wind. Nice mild temperatures this week resulting in copious amounts of sweat as Im in my winter gear.

I have been tweeking my saddle positioing again. I have the nose pointing slightly upward ( not too uncomfy) to sit on the edge when doing hard efforts, raised the post which does hurt the  bum more and set the saddle back a bit more which helps when climbing. I seem to get most power to the peddles when Im on my tippy toes. Just realised that as when I did leg presses in the gym my toes would always be pointed as that's where I get the most power from but ideally Im sure the feet are supposed to be flat. Problems are my bum is really hurting due to it smashing down on the saddle and my calves dont like it too much.

Plan for next week is to have a relaxing Sunday ride followed by 4 very early commutes and then Ill take a big long rest for a week where I might do some running. Last winter I did a lot of core work and has benefitted me loads with the unusual bike positioning I have but recently, after neglecting my core I can feel the odd ache and twinge so will need to do more this winter.

Total mileage for the week just over 200miles.

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