Friday, 8 October 2010

Super sleepy commutes

Sunday 3rd October             Dreadful weather followed by worse weather. There were quite a few hard core cyclists out today, me not being one of them. Swam at Rochdale baths with Tri club. 1km ( 40 lengths) warmup up then 6>5>4>3>2>1 lengths, one set normal, one set pull, one normal, one pull. 6 lengths warm down. 130 lengths in under an hour. Not bad since I'm a bit rusty. It's going to be difficult to get out of bed for the week's commutes as I start about 4am everyday bar one 3.25am!!! I will do it!!!

Monday 4th October              Not had much rest from all the action last week and I can see myself not getting much this week either so I can see myself skipping a day or two. Going was at a relaxed pace but the body was tense and tight. When that happens I just concentrate on nice smooth pedalling and getting as aero as possible. As normal I liven up in the afternoon.

(to work)      Distance        20miles                   Av Speed          17.6mph   (head/cross wind galore)
(to home)     Distance         20miles                   Av Speed          19.3mph

Tuesday 5th October              Going well so far. 2nd day 2nd commute. Have to get up at 2am to allow myself time to get in, in case of puncture ( x1 last week) or if I have to travel really slow. Today was really slow day, well the morning run was. Seemed to take forever to get anywhere but there was a huge bonus. Going so slow you don't feel the wind as much hah! Might have to try it more often. Afternoon cycle was greatly extended due to the superb weather and I did a deal with the missus. I had inside info it was going to be nice all week so If I was allowed ( fitness permitting) to extended cycles home I would not cycle any day on my long weekend off, coming up. She agreed but little did she know I was taking  a rest week anyway heheheeee. The first 15miles of the commute home were a cross/tail wind all uphill gently and I got lulled into a false sense of security as I thought I could keep the frantic pace I had initially set. As soon as I turned East it was a cross/head wind all the way home virtually for 35 miles! Average dropped like a bomb but still pleased with my effort as I must have stopped at 20 traffic lights plus.

(to work)       Distance          20miles                      AV speed          16.4mph   (head/cross wind galore)
(to home)      Distance           50miles                      Av Speed          18.6mph    ROUTE

Wednesday 6th October           This one would be the test of my commitment as I had to get up at 1am ish and unbelievably I awoke full o' beans. When the legs feel good the wind is less noticeable even though its unwanted prescence was definitely blowing against me, 'Lance calls it a chain free day' Didn't quite feel like that. I have been reading a book by Paul Kimmage 'Rough Ride', the first book I have read in ages since Robbie Fowlers Autobiography. Its about life as a pro cyclist in the late 80's and doping etc but he mentions multi vitamins and caffeine to aid recovery. I seem to be eating enough calories and sometimes it can take a weeks rest to get back to best so on Tuesday I took 2 vitamin tabs swilled with diet redbull. This week I might as well had no sleep, ok not as bad as that but it has been difficult which should mean very slow recovery if at day yet this week.

(to work)      Distance           20miles                         Av Speed        19.4mph (head/cross wind galore)
(to home)      Distance           30miles                         Av Speed        19.9mph (millions of stops grrrr)

Thursday 7th October               Two more vitamin tablets last night and a relatively good nights sleep meant good legs in the morning, but not ideal. I'm nowhere near my best fitness wise and all week for the past 3-4 weeks I am feeling muscle tightness. Have been doing lots of stretching recently but hard to tell if its doing any good. Nice fast ride to work, against the wind again, generally, and another big ride home to boost the weekly mileage. Had a Starbucks Blueberry cheesecake which was a mixture bewteen the Tesco new york and the  softer chocolately base of Harvester's. Tangy aftertaste but the melt in the mouth crumbly texture and just a hint of blueberry so it doesn't spoil the taste of the cheesey bit.

(to work)      Distance           20miles                          Av Speed        19.7mph ( blah blah windy)
(to home)     Distance            40miles                         Av Speed         17.7mph (ROUTE)

Much more difficult long commute home as the wind has changed to a Easterly from a Southerly so all the route is a cross/head wind with virtually no tail, loads of stops as coming home school time just like Tues. Wooohoo, did all 4 days and topped it off with a swim at Middleton Arena with Tri club where I went full out. Lungs are up to it but arm muscles still need some conditioning as they went very quickly. 32 lengths warmup with drills then 400m, 2x200m, 4x400m, 8x50m and finally 20 lengths warm down. 118 lengths :(

Friday 8th October                 FIVE DAYS REST, well off the bike anyway. I went for a run instead to see how quickly I had lost form. Very rarely do running out side but the nice weather prompted my change in attitude. Just over 6miles in 43 mins 30 seconds, thats nearly 10km. Left knee held up immensely but right knee gave up 20m from lucky. It felt I had a trapped nerve and the pain shot down the leg from my knee.

Obtained a chocolate cheese cake from the 'Slattery' which I knew would be a mistake and was. Sickly rich Chocolate moussey thing on top of the strangest crunchy biscuit base ever like it had very cheapo malteasers in it.. Also got a Strawberry tart. The pastry casing is utter tosh, dry, almost stale, tasteless even with a thin chocolate layer. Not a one off but to their recipe. Filled with plain whipped cream with strawberries on top. Boring, plain and boring. Chocolate and Orange Torte was last, looked amazing and actually did taste quite good, very 'jaffery' Sponge was too light and dry though.

Miles for the week             220miles

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  1. Running then cycling to work, 130 lengths of the baths as a warm up!!

    This rather puts my 8 mile commute into perspective.