Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Track Accreditation

As posted previously, on Sunday I was booked in the Velodrome to hopefully pass the full track accreditation exercises. There was about 15 of us, many of whom I had seen before or knew due to  having to do all the tasters, taster improvers, skills and induction lessons. Thought I'd look a bit smarter than I had done by wearing the full Rochdale tri club kit instead of the cheapo Aldi stuff I like to wear. Emily from Rochdale Tri club was there and also 'Kingcutter' from cycle chat forums. Made me feel alot more comfortable and less nervous with a few friends about.

The 'test' was split into 3 parts which I can't remember but it was something like warmup, skills and speed/racing. Not sure if the warmup counted and if the speed/racing were seperate. Anyway, we had to get in a long line and hold on to the wheel infront without drifting too far behind or above/below and hold an even pace without 'kicking back' to slow down and do some changes every lap then every half lap.

The skills was also a fitness test as it lasted quite a long time. So we got up into our line again being paced by Chester, one of the velodrome staff. We'd do a lap on the bottom, blackline, red line, blue line and top of the backing followed by more changing after full laps then half laps and then 5 or so laps of lumps and bumps ( moving up and down the banking), 2-3 bike lengths apart making sure we moved at the same point Chester moved at and not at the same time. Pairs was next and changing in pairs, moving to the back. Lastly in this section was the 'box move' 2 lines one on the blue and one just above, side by side. The lower line sprinted through and joined the front of the higher line, the back of the higher line dropped down to the back of the  lower line, one by one and repeated.  It was great to do all the skills without any hiccups and it proceeded sooo smoothly.

The speed work was quite simple, 2 lines on the blue, half a lap apart and the front guy would drop to the black line and sprint to the back of the line infront. 3 sprints each.

Finally was the mock race. 12 laps 'warm up' and changing then 12 laps racing. I led and screwed up straight away by leading on the blue line and not the lower black one. A loud shout from coach corrected that and the first twelve laps were up. I was leading as we crossed the line and the 'elite' Surosa rider had just dropped back so I started the race straight away and upped the pace. After the first lap and half the line was strung out considerably by myself but Surosa guy was with us so I dropped back to let someone else lead and recover a little. We all took our turns at the front and with 8 laps to go we were whittled down to 4. A guy from Wakefield tri club took some very hard and long turns at the front, probably because he couldn't sprint but he did cause a little panic as we chased. I shouted to leave him but the others sprinted to follow his wheel so I had to go hard to get back.  Four laps to go and still 4 of us. Surosa guy was taking very short stints at the front, with 3 to go I led and went slowish for a lap hoping for someone to overtake. Tri guy sprinted off again and again we gave chase. He was caught and dropped and with one and half to go  the other rider led. One lap to go Surosa guy over took the leader and I was still behind but slowed myself on the corners so that I was still behind Surosa guy which might have been a mistake and should have just carried the speed on til the end. On the last straight I pulled out and was slowly inching forward but Surosa guy got it by a wheel. Loved every second of the 'race' but the main concern was that we were all safe whilst doing it, otherwise a big FAIL would be written by our names.

Play time ended the exam and the Derny was brought out. I had increased a tooth on my sprocket from last time so was glad when Coach said max would only be about 45-50km/h. I think I did 64km/h previously. Was also quite tired by this point but managed to hold on well.

We were all invited to the rider's D for our results and we had all passed. Deffo the correct result as the group assembled was to a very high standard compared to some of the taster's and skills sessions. The new way of accreditation works a treat I think instead of the one all day session where you could do it even though you've barely ridden before.  So what does that mean now?.... I can now participate in SQT's( structured quality training and some races, even though most racing doesn't require accreditation). First SQT is booked for tommorrow! its only £10 for the 2 hrs. Wish me  luck :)

About 30 miles ridden

MONDAY commute ( 4hrs after the above!)  

Work       Distance 20 miles         Speed     19.3mph
Home      Distance  15miles         Speed     17.2mph

WED running

                Distance   10km        Time    44mins 45 secs

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  1. I've only done the Derny once. I can still remember the pain that thing put my legs in!