Monday, 11 October 2010

Running, jogging....crawling.

After the run on Friday I was going to do the Heaton Park run on Saturday as it was going to be another fab day. However I was aching like mad and reallly tired. Still haven't recovered from my week of very early starts. Same for Sunday. I didn't swim due to the above reasons. Monday arrives and the superb weather continues so I'm determined to go out for the full 10km run.

Instantly I could feel that my leg muscles were getting used to running again and I made it effortlessly down the street. I quickened the pace to try and beat Friday's time. After 10 mins I could feel a twinge in my right knee and after 16 mins I was in agony and had to stop. 'Turn around and walk home' someone kept telling me. I didn't listen and jogged very slowly. The 'Crawling' in my Blog title is very apt, have never been a good runner, even though I did cross country for the school team. After 5 mins of slow jogging the pain was disappearing so I carried on at the same rate until eventually the pain subsided. If I was to go a bit faster I would get' the twinge' so had to limit myself initially. The pain went totally after few more minutes and I was merrily trundling along at a decent speed. By the time I was able to run again I knew that I was no where near  a good time for the 10km. I think I could have done a lot further than 10km today, even after the dodgy knee episode, but I was nearly home so virtually sprinted the last 500m. There was no ache at all in the muscles and its just a matter of time before my confidence returns.

6.22miles in 51mins 30s but I arrived home in one piece, no niggles to report and feeling very fresh.

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