Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Green Slip

Sunday morning was gorgeous and nippy but I was only going out to Rochdale baths to swim with the Tri club. Not been swimming for a month and body still felt wrecked from the week's cycling, heart rate just wouldn't go above 140ish. I just used the swim to concentrate on my arms by using a pull bouy as my legs are getting lots of exercise.

In the evening 8pm -10pm, I  was booked into a Skills and Induction 2 hr session at Manchester Velodrome which is the penultimate step to the final assessment for full accreditation. There was a full group and the atmosphere was extremely laid back and relaxing. Jeff and some old dood took us and were very good in explaining what they wanted and expected from us as well as pointing us in the right direction if going wrong.

So first of all we all set off on a/some warmup lap(s). I was 3rd in line and when we came to the 2nd corner the leader started to move up the banking, as did the 2nd guy. I knew we were going too slow and that you shouldn't pull up on a banking on lap 1 so I stayed  down whilst the 3 behind must have gone up and one guy took 2 others out with him, very very close to being taken out myself. What a start and we hadn't completed a lap yet. Everyone was fine but a couple of bikes were bruised and once restarted we were looking quite good. 20 mins warmup with changes every lap then every half lap. Next was lumps and bumps, follow the leader up and down the track style. Then changing in pairs, Then chaingang changing. Finally some half lap sprints to join the back of the line infront. Basically it was the same stuff done on a taster improver. I'm glad it wasn't too strenuous as I really was knackered and we all managed to pass, some by the skin of their teeth. Dunno how one guy passed.

It was treat day so for lunch I had KFC, dinner/tea chinese takeaway and for supper after the velodrome I had Macdonalds with a bag of Starburst inbetween. Night before I had a humongous buffet at a 21st party. Usually buffet food is shit as they use cheapo Iceland CRAP or equivalents. OMG how can people eat that shite. Anyway it was hosted at Rochdale AFC's Ratcliffe Suite and the organisation/management was as good as the food. Very  impressed and well recommended for a function.

Monday commute saw a nice leisurely stroll, on the bike, into work averaging 15mph until a tail wind for the last 7 miles bumped it up to 18.2mph, still going very easy.
Going home I didn't think I'd have the legs but they suddenly recovered and the Easterly breeze wasn't bothering me. I was disappointed in only doing 20.3mph average as I did feel strong.

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