Saturday, 16 October 2010

Flat batteries...or is it running on fumes?


Wed 13th October        (work)    20miles        19.9mph   Legs dead due to running but good speed.
                                     (home)    30miles        19.7mph   Feeling better, gettting cold at 9pm.

Thurs 14th October        (work)   20miles        18.3mph Drained, wind quite still.
                            (intermediate)   20miles        19.5mph Hammered it, going to pay later
                                      (home)   30miles        18.0mph Still, but feel like getting blasted backwards.

Fri 15th October             (work)   30miles        17.2mph If it wasn't for N wind I'd be much slower.
                                       (home)   30miles       18.5mph Started off easy but getting strong near end.

Quite cold at 2am-3am in morning and my body is struggling to get a reasonable heart rate up to keep myself warm. Also noticing I'm not getting out of breath, not that I don't want to but just incapable of pushing myself probably due to exhaustion/no glycogen so my body shuts down to fat burning mode? I'm only guessing.
Getting home on Friday night I was so tempted to stop off and get 2 pizzas but somehow managed to resist. I did intend to commute on Sat but just couldnt do it.

On Sunday I have my final accreditation assessment at the velodrome, woohoo, fingers crossed I do well. If I pass it I will be able to ride the SQT sessions, just in time for Winter.

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