Tuesday, 12 October 2010

More running than cycling, HAH!

Hehehe, Didn't think I'd see the day where I have done more miles in a week running than on the bike but don't worry that will soon change when I'm back at work.

Another 10km over and done with and I am actually enjoying the runs. Problem this time is that I had a stitch ALL the way around the course and muscle a bit achey. Time was respectable 46minutes 30 seconds. No major hiccups with the knees either ( fingers crossed and wood touched etc.)

Went swimming at Middleton Arena, not too strenuous tonight. Used a pull bouy and paddles most of the set. 500m warmup, 4 x 100 easy 30s rest, 4 x 100 easy 20s rest, 4x 100 pull only 15s rest, 4 x100 IM 10s rest and 100m warmdown. 2.2km swam.

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