Tuesday, 1 June 2010


SUNDAY 30th May

It was raining on Saturday so my planned ride out didn't happen. It was ickle Sopie's special day on Sunday, she was being Christened. Since mummy and I had such a great day, unbelievably I was let out on a bike ride about 4pm. Looking outside I really didn't want to bother as I hadn't seen the wind so bad before so rang Pete to see if he was joining me and I was kinda hoping he wouldn't but he agreed and we were off in no time.

We started by climbing Ashworth Valley Rd to meet with Edenfield Rd at the top. Nice and sheltered from the wind. As soon as we hit the tops we got the battering we had expected. Downhill to Rawtenstall we struggled to hit 15mph and was as low as 10mph on the flatter places. Average was around 13mph by this time as we headed towards Ramsbottom then Bury. I used this ride as an interval training session and could feel myself tiring very very quickly so I used the rest periods for Pantani to catch up then sprint off again. On Tonge Moor Rd and the A58 there was the strongest tail wind ever and we were overtaking cars for fun, I think that road is 40 too or parts of it. Not much climbing but I was pretty shattered at the end of it. My stomach was full of Italian goodness though.

Scottie is at the LBS to have the rear brake sorted out as I couldn't get it spot on. It's one of those super light Planet x single pivot pain in the arse jobbies

Distance 38.5miles
Average Sp 16.5mph (Pete said 17.5mph, but not on my computer)
Ascent 2500ft.

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