Friday, 4 June 2010

Triathlon preparation

Taper - reducing exercise/intensity before an important competition.

That's the general idea which with previous competitions I have been unable to follow. Sunday is the day of my first triathlon of the year and the same triathlon that kicked it all off for me 1 year ago. Last year at Rossendale my times were as follows:

6735Simon BrierleyM32/70Manchester00:05:30800:49:224900:29:4613701:24:38

The first column is the place overall, then race number, then age group placing.The first time is the 400m swim where I placed 8th. I don't think I will improve on this time and I don't really want to but I should easily be around the same time even with the lack of swimming I have done. I swam on Tuesday and hammered it to see how much fitness I had lost but I seemed fine and strong all session. Also swam on Thursday and tried to take it easy but my competitive instinct took over and I went quite fast which I suppose is a good sign for Sunday. This was after a 20mile all out bike ride too from work! Saturday I will be swimming at the reservoir, nice and EASY! to get some open water, wetsuit practise in.

Next time is for the hilly 20km bike ride including time for transition 1 and transition 2. I have bought a tri suit so should cut my transition time down. Forcast is ZERO wind so I am expecting a time around 42 minutes ( fastest was 38mins), an improvement of 8 minutes, hmmm too much to ask?

Last time is for the dreaded 5km run :P where my time of 29mins 46 secs earned me a 137th place. I did walk most of the course as I had a stitch probably due to the huge Macdonalds breakfast I had. I have done just over 22 mins before so I am aiming for 24mins if all goes well....pretty please.

That gives me a projected time of about 1 hr 11mins 30 secs, good enough for 16th place last year. That's if I am at the top of my game so realistically around 1hr 13 mins, which is 11mins quicker than last year. Top 20 sounds a good spot to aim for. I do feel fantastic recently and seem to recover very quickly so....... BRING IT ON!

Quick Edit, wind has just been changed to a Westerly gale! for Sunday.


  1. I don't know how you do it.

    I've just started running and swimming again in a futile attempt to get fit enough to enter a triathlon. Doing all three isn't as easy as you think. I don't know how you do it!

  2. I ain't done it yet! Ask me 2morrow :)