Tuesday, 1 June 2010

More Commuting Stats

Monday 31st MAY

To Work - A quick 10miler into work at 7am. It was a bank holiday so traffic was non existant but the traffic lights wern't on holiday today or anyday come to think of it :P Legs were achey from Sunday but the air was relatively calm and I managed a record speed into work, how? I do not know.

Distance 10 miles
Average 21.4mph
Ascent 300ft

To Home - Feeling awful, stomach was empty, absolutely starving so went to the snack machine to get an elevensies bar. Why I decided to do the 20 mile route I will never know but I was determined to do it. I did most of the climbing sat down and kinda hit a lower gear but higher cadence which combined seemed to save the legs. Wind was swirly and fairly gentle but for some reason never seemed to get in my way too much which ever direction and I travel in every direction on this route. On the gentle-ish rise of Oldham Rd I was doing 17-18 and 20 mph +at the top,before my turning, very easily but I still didn't want to over do it. When I found how easy it was to do 26mph on Victoria Av, thats when I thought I could beat my previous best on this route. At the top of the route where I turn to go South back home I had done 19.9mph by now on the Friday but was up to 20.3mph today. This is when I knew I could beat my previous best and went for it all the way home. The adrenalin was pumping treble time and I gorged on baked beans and toast, but not my usual super portion. I'm trying to eat little but more often and of the liquid variety so my stomach isn't too full for the Triathlon on Sunday as I can really feel the difference on the climbs with a full stomach.

Distance 20miles
Average Sp 20.5mph
Ascent 1050ft


Longer routes today as I thought I wouldn't be riding on Sunday or Saturday.

To Work -

Distance 15.6miles
Average Sp 20.3mph
Ascent 500ft

To Home -

Distance 20.6miles
Average Sp 20.1mph
Ascent 1050ft

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