Monday, 14 June 2010

Saturday hard ride but easy on Sunday morning

Saturday 12th June

Didn't cycle to work on Friday as it was a bit wet and wanted an extra recovery day. On Saturday I swam at Cowm reservoir to get some wet suit practise in for the Triathlon next Sunday. I was first in and set off swimming at 9am on the dot as I wanted to get 2 laps of the circuit in. ( 1 lap is about 1 mile) The water was very choppy today due to the wind but I seemed to swim better against the 'current' I was flying and after the 2nd lap I asked how long left....15mins hmmm tempted to go round a third time but decided against it and wanted to be first in the shower.

Managed to get a bike ride in today too. Nice and sunny but it's usual windy self. I set off just after 12 but was due in work at 3.30pm so took my little rucksack just in case I had to head straight for work on the bike. I didn't really want to ride to work so that I didn't have to ride home as England were playing and Manchester Centre would be a little dangerous. There was no route planned at all I just cycled up Edenfield rd, Littleborough, bacup/tod road back up Edenfield rd and home.

Distance 50miles
Average Sp 19.5mph
Ascent ???can't be bothered to work it out and didn't have Delphi 6 comp.

A new target I have set myself is to ride a hillyish 50miler at over 20mph. I've come close a couple of times butnot close enough!

Sunday 13th June

I had arranged with Lee from Rochdale Triclub to go over the bike course that he missed out on 2 weeks ago. Met at Rochdale baths, not many swimming today, strangely, as it did get quite popular. Riding with Lee means a nice easy ish stroll so would be a recovery type ride which I seem incapable of doing on my own. Straight to Whitworth at a super leisurely pace until we hit the start line and upped it a little. Little climb and descent into Bacup and then one of my favourite climbs of Bacup/Tod road. I was riding along side until I stood up and felt I was taking it easy but kept pulling away. I was keeping such a consistant rhythm and tempo at a relatively low heart rate. It was the quickest I had climbed that hill and I still felt fresh and didn't get out of breath. Normally I aim to keep above 10mph but I kept above 11mph.

Nice descent to Tod then the next climb of Burnley Rd to Cliviger. Its a long drag but the gradients are easy on the legs and I managed to stand all the way up this climb too keeping at 16 -17-18 mph, again very easily, not getting out of breath and keeping the heart rate low. Waited for Lee at the top then ascended a really steep cycle track to join a different Bacup road which is just as hilly as the first. There were gradients of 20%+ where Lee put a little distance between us but I soon shot past and powered up Bacup Rd as he puffed and panted whilst I maintained my smooth, effortless cadence. Once in Bacup we went to Rawtenstall where I went alone up Edenfield rd and have never climbed it so quick again. All my climbing was standing today, in fact I must have stood for about 50% of the journey time. Arrived home itching to do some more hills. I was tempted to go back and do Blackstone Edge which I hate and haven't climbed too often but Lee advised to just go home and keep the recovery day just as that.

I learnt a lot today about heart rates, breathing and just how to maximise efficiency/speed on climbs. Hopefully riding in the first race at the new Ashton cycle circuit on Tuesday. Anyone know if I can race on a provisional? Otherwise I aint racing.

Distance 50miles
Average Sp 18mph
Ascent 4400ft

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