Friday, 11 June 2010

Lots of commuting miles.

Not had much sleep weds night. Must have been about 6am when I finally drifted off so I wasn't fully up for cycling to work. Not ridden since Sunday so felt I HAD to cycle and see how recovery is going. The wind was strong swirly crap, I fitted my tri bars to Jamis to see what effect, if any they'd have.

Thursday 11th June
Cycle to work - 20miles , 19.8mph average

Intermediate cycle home - 7.5miles, 18.0mph average
Intermediate cycle to work - 7.5miles, 23mph average

Cycle home 20 miles, 19.6mph average

I had a nice 2hr break at work so managed to get back out on the bike. Full head wind home but a full tail wind back in. Couldn't tell if the tri bars were making a big difference due to the nature and strength of the wind but first impressions are positive apart from my banged left elbow and left knee on the bars. Impressed with the final cycle home as I was fighting the wind about 80% of the distance and I was starving, with a chicken curry waiting for me. Climbing was a bit poor today :( Very tired.


  1. 18/23mph averages and you're still classing the run as a bit poor.

    Pfft, swamp you for my 12mph average?